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Miss and Mrs. America PA

Women's empowerment comes in a variety of ways that exhibit strength. This was witnessed first hand at Mrs. and Miss For America, urging for women and girls around the world to be empowered.

Haven been giving back stage access through our volunteer services, Miss and Mrs. PA America May 7-8, 2022, Peace Under Pressure was given an opportunity to witness smart, amazing, talented, and beautiful women in different shapes, beliefs race, creed, & color exuberantly grace the stage with power, strength and dignity.

Pageant contestants utilized their own platforms, as well as help others utilize theirs, empowering other women, while somehow simultaneously using the pageants to enhance theirs.

Today, the most important lesson we can teach young ladies is leadership. Being a leader, is about humbling yourself while still having the confidence needed to complete task personal, work, and business goals with grace and a smile, simply defined as being a woman.

With this wonderful super power from God, of being the passage way to birthing all living beings to this world, a woman is also a source of happiness and she is strength. She exemplifies what it is to share, care, and love. That is what being a woman is all about.

We are honored to witness this event and be able to help the candidates. We are very proud of every contestant who joined, especially our very own board member Miss Antoina Clinton for winning three different categories

We want to say thank you to our volunteers from Rowan University of Osteopathic Medicine: Brianna Maia Leonardo, Naomi Watkins-Granville, David Guadarrama, Nahidah Rahman, Najmulsahar Binnat, and Allen Karimov. With your help and dedication we were able to help with the pageants and the candidates.

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