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We would like to thank these people with wonderful hearts. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission and help every single person who needs help out there.


Soon, we hope to see your face and name here too!

Nemadia Knuckles

Founder, Executive Director - Peace Under Pressure


She is also a Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner at a Level 1 Trauma Center. She survived domestic abuse, and a bitter divorce and was able to discover self-love with the help of close family, friends, books, and physical and nonphysical activities. She thought to share the support she received with women in life-altering events so they may also see the beauty that lies within. Nemadia Graduated with a B.S. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Psychology, Sociology, and Secondary Education.

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Kiara Moore

M.A., L.P.C.M.H.

She is a licensed Mental Health Therapist with several years of experience working with various diagnoses. Kiara received her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania and her Graduate Degree from the Eastern University of Pennsylvania in Clinical/Counseling Psychology.

Kiara Moore was certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist® through the Grief Recovery Institute® in 2013. Kiara Moore Therapeutic Services offers a variety counseling services

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Daejah Cunningham

Baker, Cake Decorator, & Business Owner

Daejah is a self-taught baker and cake decorator. She has had a passion for baking since she was a child and in 2008 became more interested in the creative aspect of baking. Daejah started researching and taking various classes to learn the art of cake decorating and design. She has a background in fashion and art. She owns the company Miss Goody Goody Desserts.

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Dr. Mona-Gekanju Toeque

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Toeque actively involved herself in non-profit work while obtaining her MPH. She completed certification through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and offered HIV counseling and testing to the homeless, incarcerated, sex workers, teens, and substance abusers in and around Los Angeles County low-income areas.

She firmly believes that sexual health preventative education empowers one's choices and actions which can ultimately impact sexually transmitted disease rates. Dr. Toeque currently works in Baltimore, Maryland, and continues her focus in the area of HIV/AIDS, STD management, and General Infectious Disease.

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Niema Golphin

Author, Speaker, & Meditation Coach

At the age of 32, a profound inner transformation leads her to meditation. Although she had experienced a high level of childhood trauma, she channeled her energy into sports and writing. After college, she earned a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Fifteen years later, she had the privilege of inspiring children and families with two self-published books, and have traveled speaking to thousands of teens about my personal story. 

Her specialty is working with beginner meditators in mindfulness meditation, teaching the benefits and vital importance of connecting with one’s self.

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Stephanie Guy

Musician, Blogger, & Minister

Stephanie Guy was born in Brooklyn, NY as the heiress to Gospel Music Royalty, the legendary Lorraine Stancil – Lawson. As the daughter of one of the country’s most incredible soprano voices, and the younger sibling of the world-renown bass player, Kevin Stancil – ‘Steph’ as she is most commonly referred to, was raised to adore Gospel music but was taught to appreciate the magnificence of all genres, understanding that as the universal language, music speaks to everyone differently – and that God’s presence is so large that it can be felt through various forms of instrumentation.

She maintains a blog entitled “Here’s the Truth Daily” where she shares practical life tips on how to sustain faith, practice self-care and maintain healthy relationships

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Courtney Gardner

Success Coach, CSW, M.A. in Human Service Counseling, Author, Owner, & Success Coach of The Art of Ascending LLC

With a passion for helping others, Courtney started her career as a mentor for at-risk youth. She then went on to become a Social Worker who advocates for, links, and stabilizes, developmentally disabled individuals, children, and families in the mental & behavioral health community.

With over ten years of experience in the field, Courtney found that she has a natural gift to motivate those around her. She decided to further her education by obtaining her Masters in Human Service Counseling with a minor in Life Coaching. It is Courtney’s hope to work with motivated individuals and to provide guidance for clients who crave progression and Ascension.

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Jennifer Gregg

B.A., M.S

Coach Jen’s educational background in Psychology and Sociology, coupled with her advanced degree in Behavioral Studies has prepared her to offer practical guidance in the areas of grief support, stress management, goal setting, and life organizing. Coach Jen also has over a decade’s worth of experience offering emotional support to children and is a former social worker with the NJ Department of Child Protection and Permanency.

Beyond her authoritative qualifications, Coach Jen’s own story of overcoming childhood trauma and rebuilding after a parental loss, gives her a unique perspective on what it takes to heal, organize, and thrive.

While everyone has their own journey, Coach Jen believes that great energy, self disclosure, being clear, staying organized and following through, creates a level of trust and comfort that ultimately helps foster a great client/coach relationship.

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Bernice Johnson

Senior advisor to Peace Under Pressure Corporation

Bernice Johnson is a reticent person by nature and prefers to BUILD a company behind the scenes given the opportunity.  Ms. Johnson has been involved in real estate in various property sectors for almost 20 years. She has played a key role in numerous real estate acquisitions and dispositions, property management, and oversight of construction projects totaling in the multi-millions.

Ms. Johnson has a real estate license in two states and an insurance license for life, property and casualty. She has served as a COO to a financial advisory firm and has an extensive history of supporting small businesses. Ms. Johnson has dedicated herself to tackling problems with transformative solutions. She has held a variety of positions in marketing, sales, procurement, public safety, risk mitigation, business development, operations, compliance, and social media.

Ms. Johnson currently works in the construction industry for a general contractor and specialty trades such as HVAC, Plumbing, and Electric. Depending on the project her role can vary from being a construction manager to a project manager, expediter, or estimator. Ms. Johnson serves at Tisdale Legal Group, PLLC which is a real estate and labor & employment law firm. She serves as a VP for a national & international engineering firm, a Director of Business Development for Eazy Do It, Inc., which is the number 1 turnkey opportunity zone fund development company in the nation, and as an advisor to a couple of nonprofits. All while being an advocate for her son with autism.

“We need to develop courage, and we need to develop it in small ways first….. You develop a little courage, so that if you decide, “I will not stay in rooms where women are belittled; I will not stay in company where races, no matter who they are, are belittled; I will not take it; I will not sit around and accept dehumanising other human beings: – if you decide to do that in small ways, and you continue to do it – finally you realize you’ve got so much courage. Imagine it – you’ve got so much courage that people want to be around you. They get a feeling that they will be protected in your company.” – Maya Angelou

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Consumer Bankruptcy 
Assistance Project



Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project-CBAP are financial educators. 
CBAP volunteers will utilize the Credit Abuse Resistance Education (“CARE”) curriculum 
as a basis for financial education. Four financial education sessions -Road to financial independence, Budgeting, Credit, and Individualize session or Student loan are provided to each client.

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