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How Can Proper Discernment Help Me?

Information is everywhere around you. You can find anything that you wish with a single click of a mouse. The World Wide Web is full of information. Information that will lead you towards your financial goals, your passion, or even DIY activities and projects. The internet is full of information that can be a catalyst for you. The information found can demonstrate how information could go around in our daily lives, or it can lead us down the dark web of false lies and stagnation in our lives. Simple information that goes inside our brain could influence us to do things --- may it be good or bad. That is why it is important to have the ability to discern things properly.

Be Open-Minded

The first step to receiving information is to keep an open mind. If you keep your mind closed, nothing can get inside, to inform you of current events, learn from the past, and lead you to be a better person. Nothing new will come in, and nothing new will allow you to make better decisions for yourself. You will only choose to accept what you have already accepted before, thus there is no room for new things, no room for growth, no room to be better and to do better.

What you do with the information, is as equally important as the information that’s being received. Be very receptive to the new information that arrives and discern if it applies to you, or not.

Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold.

A pleasing thing that arrives in your eye might be the next one that would destroy your happy life. To make sure that the decision you're about to make is good enough for you, seek understanding, meditate, and pray on those thoughts. If you have a mentor seek out that person you know. Be still for a moment. Then you must make the decision. Not everything in this world can be solved alone, so it's always better to have someone by your side. But it must be you that makes the ultimate decision for yourself and your happiness based on discernment.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll be sure to fall for anything." - A.J. Whitney

This quote is one of the truest quotes that you can find. The idea of jumping from one beneficial thing to another might be good, but be absolutely sure, by doing your own research and thinking for yourself, before you jump to another idea. Being able to stand for something that you believe in, something that you trust is a way better feeling --- even if that thing is falling apart.

Do your research, find out why it might be falling apart, and what you are supposed to learn from it. Investigate why it might be falling apart, instead of jumping into something you don't know much about. Why would it be falling when it’s something that you believed in? You won’t know until you do your due diligence. Not everything will be successful all the time, being prepared for what might happen is also very important, and a huge part of discernment.

How Can I Apply This in My Life?

We all make decisions every day. The moment we stand up after waking up, checking our phones, or wearing our shoes, is a moment of making a decision. So many decisions are made every day, and at the same time, so many lives are ruined because of those many decisions made. This demonstrates the power of a simple decision. That's why no matter how small a moment could be, you must be able to discern things properly, weigh in the pros and cons, ask yourself "Will this be beneficial? Do I need this? Is this a waste of time?". Stick to your strong convictions, and you will go a long way.

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